Young Mothers

Time to get back in shape

A pregnancy puts tremendous stress on the body of a women. Weight gain, changed nutritional needs and hours of lost sleep stress the body.

After birth, during time of breastfeeding the stress continues. The nutritional needs of the mother and the baby are still intertwined.

And lets not forget. During a pregnancy lots of weight was added which most of you like to lose again in a healthy manner after birth.

Getting back into shape, having a small baby at home is no small challenge.

The Easy Step

Would it not be great not to worry about how to get back into shape? To have the answers on a daily basis how you eat right during the time of breast feeding and how to get your body back in shape?

Would it not ease your mind to understand how to structure your nutrition right, change it, to adopt to this new situation. To know that you will not like some of your friends after birth carry this additional weight around for years?

And most of all, would it not easy your mind to know that you have a partner who takes care that your small baby get the right nutrition during breastfeeding and afterwards.

All is only one Easy Step away.

Our Clients

Lena, one of our clients had nearly given up. She thought after childbirth, due to hormonal changes and the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy she would keep the weight she had gained.

Three month later and ten kgs lighter she understood how wrong she was.

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What we can share with you

Our dietitians can share with you in a free information meeting what know how support you as a young mother to eat healthy and get into shape while considering the nutritional needs of your baby.

We have a unique program to bring you back into shape the healthy way.

One hour invested for the free information meeting is an investment for life.

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Just contact us per email of phone. Our contact details are

Invitation for a free information meeting at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania+ 7 499 238 10 62