Weight Loss

In our experience over 50 percent of Russians want to lose weight. 51 million of Russians are overweight, 11% of men and 28% of women are obese. And Russia is the country with the third highest number of diagnosed cases of diabetes type 2, over 9.6 million.Полная женщина, страдающая от депрессии

Our clients, living a hectic and busy life also confront many of these challenges.

To lose weight is seen by many as difficult and impossible “task”, as a never ending battle. Diets as they call it — are seen as a time of limitation and restriction.

And worst of all continued failures to achieve a lasting weight loss result are always on their mind when thinking about nutrition and diets.

Many of you we know from our experience in working with clients have already tried several times to lose weight, have read books, magazines and always try to listen to news about healthy nutrition. And many of you already have change one or more aspects of nutrition, like the amounts of vegetables and fruits they are eating.

And many blame genes or their parents, are taking pills and as unbelivable at it sounds even 23 % of Russian men smoke to keep pounds off.

After years of trying to lose weight, the continued experience that over time the weight only increases and nothing really can be achieve often results in psychological depressions and an very negative view on all weight loss related information.

Achieving the dream

значительное снижение веса

And being so pessimistic about weight loss many people do not realize that weight loss is the way to a much better health, to be more energetic and a better and fuller life. Many studies have shown that reduced weight is directly linked to a better overall health.

Many people having lost weight also report that life is lighter, tasks are easier and they just feel much more energetic.

And not only is it a dream for them, but many people recognize their achievement in managing their weight, achieving weight loss.

Psychologically and physically people who have successfully lost weight are much strong.

And weight loss increases physical attraction and even often results in a more fulfilled sex life.

The Achievers

Our clients achieved their weight loss goals and many times even more than they dreamed for.


Natalia, a medical professional lost in six weeks 8 kgs and after five month 20 kgs weight . She to tell us how she enjoys to hears the compliments of friends and colleagues; and how she feels more confident and energetic in life.

Andrea, self employed, having not yet achieve all her weight loss plans yet told us that for her the most important thing she understood is that now she knows how to manage her weight and that she knows that in the future she will not gain automatically weight. Andrea

Antonia, a business lady, lost 29 kgs. Her  most important achievement is that she now understands weight management and she now consults her close ones and friends and shares this unique know how.

And there are many more stories, and each story about weight loss is unique.

The common theme is a big happiness of finally having achieved the weight loss goal, a much increased physical and psychological wellbeing and a deep understanding how weight management works.

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