Weight Gain

Gaining weight for health reasons

There is something like an ideal body mass index range from a medical point of view. Statisticians and doctors say that BMI in the range of 20 to 25 is ideal.

And while most of us fight overweight and obesity some of us fight a this different battle of not having enough weight.

Whatever the reason, being medical or psychological, the consequences are as bad as with overweight.

While most people find pleasure in food and eat to much and often too much of the wrong kind people with underweight show the opposite behavior. They experience psychological strength and well being by controlling their body and controlling the feeling of hunger. Food and the process of eating is most often not seen as pleasure but creates negative emotions.

Other clients told us how their low weight is driven by an irrational view of beauty and attractiveness. For them the thinner, the nicer. Visible body fat, even in the slightest proportions displeases them.

And last not there is the group of people who due to medial reasons have a low weight. Operations, digestive issues, medical complications result in a less than optimal weight.

We understand from our daily work with clients with less than optimal weight that for them it is as hard to gain weight as it for most of us to lose weight.

Achieving a healthy weight, a BMI in the range of 20 to 25

A healthier weight is directly linked to a better physical well being. The body has more energy to burn compared to its overall mass. Energy reserves are build up in the body in case of illness, bad weather, stress or other events which result in a higher need of energy.

Organs are getting more nutrients, vitamins and all other nutritious elements which are in our daily food.

And all of this results in a healthier feeling, higher strength to cope with non-standard situations and a more energetic life.

Having done it

Набор веса Tatiana achieved her goal. She gained 5 kgs and feels much better about herself, her nutritional needs and what is most important in her life.

Read the story about her experience and difficulties to gain some weight till she started to work with the specialist at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania. She and many other clients went though our program to become healthier and to eat more nutritious meals.

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