Pregnancy, a very special time in the life of every women

Pregnancy is a very special time for every women — and often also for their partner 🙂 -. It is a time of looking forward — a new human will be born — it is a time many waited for a long time.

But the time of pregnancy is also often a time of uncertainty, of change.

It is a time where your body constantly changes.Where there are new nutrition needs by your unborn baby. Where you always wonder what is best for your future kid.

And it is a time in which you understand your life will change after birth, be it your first baby or not.

And with all these changes there is lots of stress associated. Stress, which in the interest of your unborn baby should better be avoided.

Getting it right

Would it not be great:

  • To have a partner on your side who can answer you all nutrition and health related questions you have in this time of change?
  • To have a partner who will provide a set of nutrition instructions you can follow?
  • To know that you are doing the best in the area of nutrition for you and your unborn baby?
  • And most of all to have a total piece of mind concerning any question around nutrition and thus much less stress about this aspect of your pregnancy?

    Our offer to you

    Meet up with one of our dietitians who can detail to you our special program for your pregnancy. At a first, free meeting they will detail what you will learn taking the course and how this will improve the well being of your baby and of you.

    In the course «Easy Step — Pregnancy» topics about the right nutrition for you «two» will be discussed but also how to best take care of your own body.

    And for our clients, who have already taken an Easy Step course and know and follow the principles of a healthy and balanced nutrition we offer a course which focuses only on the new nutritional needs of your unborn baby.

    For the prices of the program click here.

    Just contact our center to set up a free information meeting.
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