Our weight loss and nutrition education method is superb

Maybe a bold statement to start describing our method. The statement though is not from us but from our over 100 satisfied and happy clients!

The nutrition education and weight management program «Easy Step» developed based on best international standards for Russia by Ekaterina Belova is unique.

To read and watch what our happy clients have to say about «Easy Step» click here.

An «Easy Step»

Our unique method is named «Easy Step». The title is the motto.

The method:

  • is easy to learn
  • allows you to easily change your nutritional habits
  • is totally personalized
  • you do not need to count calories which is very complicated
  • and if your goal is to lose weight, you will step easier after the program.
  • Best International Standards

    The program «Easy Step» has been developed over the last years based on best international standards for nutrition and dietology.

    The basis for the program «Easy Step» is the US food pyramid.

    The US food pyramid is globally the most successful nutrition education program and has been adopted in many countries all over the world like Japan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy.

    In this system calories are not counted but portions. Which is much easier.

    Ekaterina Belova adopted the US food pyramid for usage in Russia, changed key elements like including water as a key element, and integrated it into our daily diets in Russia.

    The «Easy Step» program is constantly updated. The updates are done based on client input and international congresses which Ekaterina Belova and her team constantly visit.

    Totally Personalized Program

    The «Easy Step» program is totally personalized. The motto of our Center is «Personal Dietology Center». Total personalization of our method is key so you will achieve your goals. Our dietitians and nutritionists tailor precisely the program «Easy Step» to your nutritional needs and adjust it as your needs change during the program.

    Based on our experience we understand that total personalization is key. The nutritional needs of everybody and the time required to adjust to the nutritional balance are different.

    You are assigned you personal number of portions of the six elements of the food group. This is so much easier than to count calories.

    Our experienced dietitians adjust our program «Easy Step» to your needs so you get the most our of it.

    Choice, choice, choice

    We offer our Easy Step programs in so many combination to make it easy for you:

    Choice of Locations and Trainers:

  • Easy Step in our Center
  • Easy Step over telephone or Skype
  • Easy Step at you location
  • Easy Step with one of our highly trained specialists
  • Easy Step with Ekaterina Belova
  • Choice of Program Focus:

  • Easy Step for weight loss
  • Easy Step to learn about healthy nutrition
  • Easy Step to gain weight
  • Easy Step — if you battle diabetes
  • Easy Step — pregnancy
  • Easy Step — young mother
  • Easy Step — kids 1 to 5 years
  • Easy Step — kids 6 to 12 years
  • Easy Step — learn healthy cooking with our partner Taste of Russia
  • Easy Step Extension programs:

  • Continuous, lifelong successful weight management
  • Best Dietitians

    We are proud to say that only the best dietitians work at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania.

    Our specialist have substantial real life, multiple year work experience in the area of weight management.

    Total client dedication and the readiness to listen to our clients is one of their key strength.

    When working with them you will experience their joy to share their know how with you and their interest in continuously increasing their know how about nutrition.

    And at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania all dietitians go through a rigorous, multiple month training program.

    Multi-functional specialist

    Our dietitians are all multi-functional specialist. They are educated as doctors, psychologists, nutritions and chef-cooks. All of our specialist combine many skills in them in order to support you to realize your weight dreams and to teach you in healthy nutrition.

    Only through the combination of multiple skills, especially psychological training, your success is assured.

    Unique teaching materials

    The program «Easy Step» is not only a title on a page.

    It is an entire well rounded program. Training materials, standardized client presentations, complex databases and analysis tools have been combined in one program to assure your success.

    «Easy Step» is an entire methodology combing the best technologies, training and presentation materials which are totally personalized for you by our experienced specialists.

    Our six guarantees

    While many Centers give you lots of promises, we give guarantees.

    Ask us about the grantees we give you!

    You are not a patient, you are more than a client, you are a friend

    You are not a patient and much more than a client, working with us you will be a friend of the Personal Dietology Center Paltira Pitania.

    Based on our long experience of weight management we understand that you might require our support not only once in life but potentially several times. We therefore treat you as a friend.

    And as a friend of the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania:

  • you are invited to interesting events about nutrition;
  • you receive up to date nutritional information by the most modern tools;
  • you are welcome to continue to interact with our on our social platforms;
  • you receive unique and especially tailored program proposals;
  • you learn so much more than just nutrition and weight management
  • cooking lessons, recipes, tasting classes etc.
  • and much more.

    Luxurious Center, middle of Moscow

    For you only the best environment is good enough to learn about healthy nutrition and weight management.

    Our center offers you:

  • Total comfort
  • Center of Moscow, inside the Garden Ring
  • Two metro stations close by, one of them a ring station, the other one in 200 meters from our Center
  • Available parking close by
  • Beautiful and practical design
  • Newest technical equipment
  • A friendly and client oriented team and support staff
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