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Just click and read our success stories (in Russian)You might feel a little bit strange to look at this site and to consider to accept some support in managing your weight and to learn about healthy nutrition.

You should not be! You would be surprised how many men we have as clients! Actually, you are a part of a growing trend.

To be healthy, to look great and not to be overweight have become in many countries a per-requisite to be successful in business.  If you pictures of board meetings taken 30 — 40 years ago in Europe you saw all of these overweight guys with large bellies. Look today. There are mostly tall, lean and sporty guys on these pictures of the industrial captains of western Europe.

The same trend is developing in Russia. Many successful business men realize that weight matters not only for health but has also a direct impact on the perception by others. And a better perception by others often means serious money.

And many of our clients talk about that it is not only about the perception by others but also about a question of self esteem. Having managed to succeed in business life, potentially having build a family you realize that you also need to succeed in managing successfully your nutrition and life a healthier lifestyle.

The first Easy Step

Just click and read our success stories (in Russian)First and most important! Our program works. Learning about the right nutrition with one of our highly trained dietitians you will understand the concept of healthy nutrition very fast and get fast back into shape. We actually make it easy for you. Our program is like in the business world. Presentations with deep content, weekly meetings to monitor and measure  the progress and to adopt the program. And last not least a totally personal consulting approach.

Some of our clients even went so far to translate their weight loss success into charts and started to project forward.

And our tools are up to date. There is an electronic version of our food diary which makes it very easy for you to report your nutrition habits to us if you are very busy. And there is always the option to do our program over the phone or by Skype in parallel to the visits to our Center.

So as you see, if you are ready to switch to a healthy lifestyle we are ready to give you the success you deserve.

All is only one Easy Step away. And in case you wonder. We ensure total confidentiality if you prefer to keep it quite.

Having lost weight, feeling better

Just click and read our success stories (in Russian)I am the husband of Ekaterina Belova. Now I help her to start our businesses and work with her on a day to day basis to develop our methodology, our processes and so on.

And you know why — because I myself lost 14 kgs of weight after having met Katya, feel much better and understand much more about weight management. And most important I kept my weight off already for several years. Recently I stood on our special scale, measuring much more than weight. And the results were all great, everything green.

So thank you Katya! Just click on the logo on the left to read more (in Russian only though).

What we can share with you

Our dietitians can share with you in a free information meeting what know how support to lose your «beer belly», to learn about healthy food and nutrition and how to become a new you.

We have a unique program to bring you back into shape the healthy way.

One hour invested for the free information meeting is an investment for life.

For the prices of the program click here.

Just contact us per email of phone. Our contact details are

Invitation for a free information meeting at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania+ 7 499 238 10 62