Modern Technology, for the modern YOU

This program is right for you if you answer yes to one or more question below:

  • Do you use the internet, especially skype on a daily basis
  • Are you very busy and do not have the time to meet our trained dietitian in out Center in Moscow in person which costs additional traveling time
  • Do you live outside Moscow and are only sometimes here in Moscow
  • Are you very busy and traveling a lot for private or business reasons
  • If you answer one or more of the questions above with yes than our Internet or Telephone program is just right for you!

    Where do we serve our Internet clients:

    Very easy – everywhere where our clients can connect to the internet – globally!

    We served our clients in the following cities:

  • Paris, France
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Tula, Russia
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Ivanhoe, Russia
  • Krasnodar, Russia
  • How does the program work, how does it differ:

    Our Easy Step program consists of three blocks of five lessons. Best case you are once per block here in Moscow, meet up in person with our highly trained dietitian and get measured on our professional scale.

    But even if you never come to Moscow, we can teach you also all 15 lessons without meeting you once in person. We have several clients whom our specialists never met in person and the results are as good as with the clients we met on a weekly basis in our center.

    We prefer to run the program by skype in case you do not have skype or no access to a computer we can also run the entire program by phone. The advantage of skype is that we can do video conferencing and also send you more information over skype when needed during the meeting. And who does not have internet today!

    To do the program you receive an electronic diary (Excel based) and each week the presentation as PDF file.

    You fill in the electronic diary and send it before the agreed upon online meeting to your specialized dietitian. We send you one day before the online meeting the presentation. You then can print out the presentation or just open it on the computer screen.

    You then work on a weekly basis in the same manner as if you were in our Center. Same high quality information, same trained doctors, same great materials and most of all – same great results.

    And we offer all our unique weight management programs online. If you want to lose weight, or learn how to eat more healthy!

    Our Successful On-line Winners:

    To be added soon!

    Your next step for the New You:

    Easy – Easy Step. Just contact us:

    Skype: PalitraPitania
    Phone:+7 499 233 10 62

    Set up your first free information meeting. By Skype or in person in our center. And that is it!