Infertility and Nutrition

Infertility is also impacted by weight. Many couples try for a very long time to conceive offspring and are not aware that too little of weight (less than a body mass index of 20) or too much weight (a body mass index higher than 30) reduce substantially the likelihood to conceive.  This has been proven in many scientific studies.

The right nutrition and your weight can be therefore a vital aspect to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy.

And listening to your girlfriends, having seen the reports of TV you know that a pregnancy will fundamentally change your nutritional needs. But if you are even not sure right now, not being pregnant what a healthy and balanced nutrition is how can you really be sure to do later when you are pregnant everything right.

The Easy Step to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy

Would you not feel much better knowing that you do everything right. That you eat the right food in the right amounts. That your body gets all the vitamins, nutrients and other food elements it needs to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy.

And with all the changes in nutrition you heard and read about during your pregnancy would it not be great to have an understanding already now what a healthy and balanced nutrition style is. A framework which you later can adopt to the new situation when you are finally pregnant.

Last not least, understanding that the right balanced nutrition is directly linked to the future chances of your offspring, that nutrition is one factor driving health and intelligence in babies would it not be great to do everything right from the beginning?

All is only one Easy Step away.

What we can share with you

Our dietitians can share with you in a free information meeting what know how support you in order to conceive and also teach you about the right balanced nutrition once you become pregnant. We have an entire program precisely for your unique nutritional needs in this vital time of your life.

One hour invested for the free information meeting is an investment for life.

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