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Health through Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition starts with what is daily on your plate. Today even though mass media is flooding us with so much information about healthy nutrition for children as well as for adults many of us unfortunately only start to think about healthy nutrition when health problems start.

So entire families, including young kids, eat industrial meat dumplings, canned and highly processed foods, low quality sausages, potato chips and drink soda with it.
Healthy Food
As a result, after some time, the payback period arrives. Inflammation of the gallbladder, colitis, gastritis, overweight and obesity hit back. Child malnutrition even often ends up in problems of posture,  flat feet and diseases of the digestive system.

And as we become sick with illnesses which did not exist 50 years ago we start to think this is normal.

In many  studies the link between incorrect eating habits and the increased occurrence of illnesses has been scientifically documented.

Fortunately our bodies can cope to a certain level with unhealthy nutrition and regenerate based on a healthy diet. But this only to a certain level and at substantial direct and indirect cost.  Strict diets, doctor visits are only some of the visible costs arising from years of unhealthy nutrition. And sometimes, the body can not regenerate and the damage is done.

And understanding these dire consequences of unhealthy nutrition many people change their eating habits over night.

And even if you are normal weight today. This is not a sign of health and healthy nutrition. Healthy nutrition is much more than a normal average weight.

So you might wonder how to change to a healthy and balanced nutrition lifestyle?

A dream coming true, an understanding and experience of healthy nutrition

Taking care of your body through healthy nutrition is the way forward. Healthy, balanced diets result in higher energy levels, reduced stress levels and an overall better feeling.  People with a well balanced nutrition habits feel and look younger, are fitter in their daily life.
Healthy Food
When adopting a healthy balanced diet based on a mix of proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, fat and water you will instantly start to feel better.  And how to select all these components of a balance and healthy diet and combine them in your daily meals while it might be in the beginning difficult will become a natural way of life.

To change your nutrition is a very pleasant discovery tour. Your stereotypes about nutrition and diets will be shaken. You will learn day by day about the wealth of healthy foods and dishes. Some people taking the course changed not only their diet but also other aspects of life like e.g. sleep patterns.

And your body will be thankful. A change to a healthy and balanced diet results in higher energy levels, increased activity levels in sports such as swimming, dancing etc. There is a good reason for the saying «You Are what you Eat» and it is about time for you to feel this.

By respecting the needs of our body and moving to a balanced diet you take care of your body and please yourself and your family by eating nutritions and healthy meals.

Our winners

Akmaral, age 30 wrote to us.

Five years ago I started working with Katya using her unique Palitra Pitania metodology. I understood what healthy nutrition is and how nutrition impacts my overall psychological state and wellbeing. Using the Palitra Pitania methodology I started to understand how unhealthy nutrition habits had started to form in my life.

I remember all the advice I received based on the Palitra Pitania methodology and apply it on a daily basis.

Today I live in the United States. Earlier when I lived there I had major difficulties to control my weight and eat healthy. After having now finished one of the top business schools, having lived here for several years I am happy to say that my current weight is below the earlier identified «ideal weight» and I feel much better and more energetic. Just follow the link to read more. Link, currently only Russian language

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