Diabetes and pre-diabetes a curse for life

Just click here to read about our success stories (in Russian)For everyone who does not have diabetes or has no relative or friend with diabetes it is hard to imagine how much diabetes changes ones life.

Many call diabetes a manageable illness, something that can be take care off and some even sound like it is a normal part of the development of human kind.

It is NOT. Diabetes impacts you as you can not imagine. General food, physical exercise, sugary foods all changes. All needs to be monitored all the time. Medication must be ready all the time and most important of all it is in most cases for life.

And for some unlucky ones, when the illness is diagnosed to late, when doctors and friends do not see it coming it can damage your internal organs, even ending up in extremes — amputations.

And did you know that more people have pre-diabetes than diabetes. And most of the time if no corrective action is taken diabetes will develop! And most do not even know that they have pre-diabetes.

So simply the best is never to develop pre-diabets or even worse diabetes type 2.

Just click here to read about our success stories (in Russian)Reducing the diabetes risk

Diabetes type 2 is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Wrong nutrition, too much food, too little sport all after several years result in an increased risk of diabetes type 2.

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Key is, if you in a pre-diabetes stage you can reduce your risk to become diabetic substantially by changing your lifestyle. If you have diabetes type 2 you can though a lifestyle change reduce the dependency from medication and there is a small chance that over time you can actually life without medication.

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