Kids Age 6 — 12

Children at the age 6 to 12, a formative time

Kids  in the age 6 to 12 form many habits, many of them for life. The nutritional habits are amongst them.

In this age bracket kids start to take and argue for independent decisions. They are out of home, out of control together with other kids. They watch TV, surf the internet and are bombarded with advertising.

Others influence them, tell them what is cool and not.

Tastes acquired, food loved are often a love for life.  Be it healthy food or otherwise.

And best of all, children start to ask questions, try to understand, learn about the world and do not take the guidance of parents as always right.

Strengthening the right nutritional values

Would you not love for your kid to understand what is good food and why it is good for them?

Would you not like to see you kid  to make healthy choices?

Would you not like to see your kid critically challenging all the advertisement for bad and unhealthy foods?

Would you not like to see them grow up healthy?

And what kids learn at this age is know how for life. It will keep them healthy life long.

Our winners

Already in school some other students made fun of me. I did not like that anybody tells me what I should eat. Fruits, vegetables were something I did not like.

And now. I learned what is healthy and why. I like healthy foods and most important I lost 5 kgs! I feel much better in school and at home.

Read about me and other young stars (only in Russian though) by clicking on the logo.

What we can share with you

Our dietitians can share with you in a free information meeting what know how they will teach you as a parent AND your kid.

We have a unique program for kids in this age bracket to bring them on track for a healthy nutrition for life.

One hour invested for the free information meeting is an investment for life.

For the prices of the program click here.

Just contact us per email of phone. Our contact details are

Invitation for a free information meeting at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania+ 7 499 238 10 62