Kids Age 1-5

A healthy start into a new life

Is a healthy start into life not the most important thing for any parent?

A healthy start means a head start for any kid. It will learn faster, grow better and be strong for life.  Young boy looking at healthy food

A healthy start into life means also less illnesses, less time parents worry about the healthy of their child, less doctor visits, less medicine.

But how to achieve a healthy start into life? But how to feed your kid right? And how to make sure that the right nutritional habits are formed?

And is it not worrisome that in this very formative period in life of your child any mistake you make might have negative consequences a life long.

And looking around you, seeing many small kids already being overweight and reading in the press about all the issues with child overweight are you not wondering how to do all right?

The very healthy kids food choiceNo worries

Would it not be nice…

… to have the professional support, to understand as mother (and/or father) how to feed your kid right and how to form the right nutritional habits.

… to watch your kid pick an fruits over chocolate when offered?

… to see how your kid forms a healthy appetite for healthy foods?

… not to have as a parent the need to talk your kid out of unhealthy kids meals with offered at many restaurants with french fries and other hight calorie foods?

… to know as a parent how and when to say no and when to give in when your child influenced by mass media and friends wants unhealthy food.

Our youngest

Our father already knows Ekaterina Belova and the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania for a long time.

Now he brought us here. Little brother, 4 years and little sister 6 years and we learn with the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania how we can eat more healthy.

So much fun each time. There is always a presentation, some interesting videos a quiz and we can not wait till the next time we can come to the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania.

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What we can share with you

Our dietitians can share with you in a free information meeting what know how they will teach you as a parent. How based on this know how you will be able to feed your child better and to form the nutritional habits of your child.

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Just contact us per email of phone. Our contact details are

Invitation for a free information meeting at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania+ 7 499 238 10 62