Shining bright, the first day of your new life

To marry is special. It is a commitment for life. Many pictures are taken. Many guest party with you. Memories are formed. 

And all stays for life through the pictures and videos which you will show your kids, grandkids etc.

And you will share these pictures and videos with all who were not able to join you and your husband at this special day of the start of your common life.

Being light, feeling better! Taking all these pictures and videos with one Easy Step

Would you not love to receive not only congratulations on the wedding but also on your new, light look?

Might it not be that special present to your husband and your future kids to start this new life much more healthy and lighter than before.

Just imagine to smile at your photographer and to know you look so much better.

We know what this means to you. We have a famous Moscow wedding photographer as partner of the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania.

Just take a look at his website and see the great pictures which will be a memory for life, just click here. Some of his wedding pictures were taken on the Seychelles islands, where he already went several times for weddings.

«Our» Brides

Невесты Надежда, 23 года Похудела на 10 кг.Just take a look at the story of Nadeshda, one or our many brides. How she gained weight, how she lost weight and how she found her way in life and a husband as well as the ideal weight for her.

Nadeshada understood how important weight management is, and now is even pregnant to top all the happyness.

And look at the webpage of Igor. One of the best wedding photographer in Moscow. Link to Igor

Your Easy Next Step

All we need to get you in shape for your special day is a bit of time. If you start with us three to four month before your wedding you will shine on your special day. It is and Easy Step. Our method works. 

If you like to lose weight for this special day or just change to a healthy nutrition style and you are ready to work with our professionals contact us and set up a free information meeting.

And for the prices click here.

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