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A new type of School for Healthy Nutrition

The Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania is a new type of school for healthy nutrition.

All our services and programs focus on:

  • Sharing know how about a healthy lifestyle
  • Providing information how to manage you own weight
  • We want to teach you for life how to eat right to be healthy. A invaluable know how which has been lost in the times of fast food, constant advertisements for food and overflowing supermarkets.

    For us at Palitra Pitania, it is about more than just weight

    For all of us at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania healthy nutrition and weight management is not only about esthetic aspects but much more about a healthy life and healthy lifestyle.

    Your weight has a direct impact on your healthy and as such on your quality of life.

    The human body was optimized by evolution for a certain weight range, a certain amount of calories which are needed ever day.

    Overweight and underweight translate directly in increased level of illnesses. And in case you are overweight or underweight today and you do not feel this direct correlation we can assure you, and document to you, that over time this relationship will unfortunately come to bear.

    But being healthy is not only about the right weight. Being healthy is as much about eating right, getting the right nutrition, vitamins etc.

    Therefore in our new type of school we teach how to eat in a balanced, healthy way. For life, nothing less.

    New Type of School for a healthy life

    At our Center we teach you for life. We provide you with the tools and the information how to live and eat healthier for life.

    The right approach to healthy nutrition and weight management is not about fast results. Fast results might be what many clients want but our doctors know from years of experience that most often fast results are reversed even faster as they are achieved.

    Our approach is about lasting results. For life.

    What makes us different from our competitors

    We have competitors. Competition is good as it keeps everybody on its tows and drives innovation.

    Having said that though after having studied our competitors ask yourself the following question when selection a dietitian, or a center providing these services:

  • Is their program also focused on a healthy balanced nutrition or only weight management?
  • Are they working with psychological tools to make you feel guilty about eating and food?
  • Do they focus on teaching you how to eat right for life or just try to achieve fast weight loss results?
  • Are you being asked to radically change your eating habits over night, radically reduce your calorie intake?
  • Is the method they apply based on human science and backed up by scientific research?
  • Is their method personalized for your needs?
  • Is there a real standardized documented method in place, with training materials for doctors, client documents etc.?
  • As difficult as it might be to get answers to above questions it is important to understand all these nuances when selecting an individual or company supporting you change your nutrition.

    It is about your health and you also would not select a doctor who is not professional.

    Our Services

    We offer the following services. Click on the logos and get more information about them.

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    Our Program options:

    • Stop Smoking
    • Technical Equipment (Scale and Step Counter)
    • Three weekly calls
    • Daily Food diary feedback