Vacancy at Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania

We are growing rapidly and we need qualified specialist to work together so that we have grown even faster.

Below are our current vacancies. If your resume does not meet with their requirements, then you can still send it to and tell you what you can do for us.

As we strive to build a multilingual team, use a large number of international scientific and other information, we would like to get your resume in Russian and English (French or German) language.


Assistants support the dietitians, the management and work directly with our clients.

Following requirements for the assistant position:

  • Fluency in English, substantial amounts of translation from English to Russian are to be done
  • Perfect writing skills in Russian
  • None smoking
  • Normal BMI
  • Ability to work with clients
  • Ability for follow defined processes, precision
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office Software
  • Ability to use social networks for marketing purposes
  • Flexible work time, about 45 hours per week including one day on weekend
  • Readiness to learn and to follow instructions
  • Salary

    The salary is 20.000 rubles per month. Substantial growth opportunities exist.


    Blogger(s) who share information on the internet about the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania.

    Following requirements for the assistant position:

  • Ability to read English
  • Perfect writing skills in Russian
  • None smoking
  • Above 20 years old, female
  • Citizen of Moscow
  • Higher Body Mass Index — 25 to 35 and the sincere interest to lose weight with the support of a dietitian
  • Active blogger, with documented blogging history
  • Flexible work time, about 1 hour per day expected, workplace — flexible
  • Blogging: on your site, in forums, in video portals — where ever our potential clients are active in the internet (any other ideas welcome)
  • (Success)-Payment / Barter

    We like to offer you the opportunity as barter to take a full healthy nutrition / weight loss class to learn in detail about unique weight management approach. This is a value of 45.000 rubles.

    You must be ready to follow the instructions of our specialist dietitians and have a strong wish to lose weight.

    For new clients to our Center which are directly connected to the blogging activity (we ask every client how he knows about us) a bonus of 10% will be paid. Average new client bonus is about 5.000 rubles.

    Make blogging worth your time, become healthy, lose some weight and earn some cash — blog with us!