News 106 Semiary by Sue Baic of

Seminary of Sue Baic for EASY MEAL

Programme Director for the MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health University Bristol, Great Britan


«Current trends in Dietology and Nutrition, fad diets»


Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania

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Saturday 22 October the Personal Dietology Center Paltira Pitania had the pleasure to host Sue Baic of the University of Bristol and the EASY MEAL team.

We organized an event for dietologist in Moscow to learn about the EASY MEAL system and listen to the lecture of Sue Baic. For the event we had invited dietologists from the following centers / clinics in Moscow.

  • Family clinic
  • Аква мед
  • он клиник
  • Центр Доктора Гаврилова
  • Клиника корррекции веса доктора Ковалькова
  • Slimclinic
  • Доктор Борменталь
  • Диет Центр
  • Клиника Фактор веса
  • Центр Лазерной Медицины «ВИТА»
  • Иститут пластической хирургии
  • Гранд Клиник
  • Клиника доктора Ионовой
  • Прима Медика
  • Центр профессиональной коррекции фигуры и лечения целлюлита
  • Мелицинский центр Здоровье человека
  • Many dietologist from the different centers in Moscow came and spend several hours here at our Center.

    Sue presented over two hours. Key message from her was that the key to health is a healthy diet. She detailed how there are all these different trends in dietology, diets which come to be on vogue but which are most of the time not healthy. And funny — Dukan Diet — which is so on vogue right now in Russia is not a fashionable diet trend in the UK.

    She had her presentation backed up by many scientific studies and research results.

    Fellow dietologists from different dietology centers had the chance to ask many questions, and used the chance!

    The team of EASY MEAL then presented their concept, their vision and how they plan to work with nutrition specialists in Moscow together to improve the food options of Moscovites.

    Last not least came the most interesting part. Tasting the EASY MEAL products. What a healthy, tasty treat! All so delicious, so well presented and most of all soon available for all Moscoviets.

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