News 076: Salon Lose Weight together

Salon Lose Weight Together

This week at the Crocus expo center was the exhibition – Health Industry – which also featured the Salon — Lose Weight Together -.

The team of the Palitra Pitania Personal Dietology Center was also at the Salon — Lose Weight Together- .

At the exhibition lots of companies selling medial equipment or services were present. Also some or our competitors were active there. So the Doctor Gavrilov was there with a big stand. For some interesting reading see this text on his website. (Russian).

Also, interesting that he not only focuses on weight loss but is also promoting a different clinic providing none weight related services. Doctor Bormental was not at the exhibition with a stand present.

Of the other Clinics we compete with Clinic Dr. Ionova, “Rimmarita”, Doctor Kovalkov and some other newer smaller centers who are active in Moscow. Also two companies offered clinic solutions to manage weight, balloons to be put in the stomach or plastic rings to be fit around the stomach.

As always there were also the companies selling some powders, pills or whatever to support weight loss.

Overall an interesting event. The number of visitors though was not that big as the event was not on a weekend and was outside of MKAD at the Crocus exhibition Center.

Palitra Pitania Personal Dietology Center will join the event again next year.

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  1. Очень интересно узнать подробнее о выставке. Она проходила почти одновременно с ИНТЕРШАРМ ПРО. Мы сами участвовать в 2х выставках подряд не могли. Для нас интершарм прошёл успешно. Но о развитии тоже думаем…