News 074: Pets and Obesity, new program option

Overweight and Obesity in Pets

Obesity and overweight is not only limited to humans, our closest friends are impacted too!

A number of studies show that in the United States, a global leader for overweight children and adults over 50 % of animals kept at home are overweight and obese too.

For more information about this new unhealthy obesity wave click here.

But this is not all

Pets are unhealthy and overweight because their owners give them too much food, the wrong food and do not make sure that they move enough.  Sounds familiar? It is, same reasons for pet obesity than for human obesity.

And guess what — there is a high correlation between overweight owner and overweight pet. Yes — just to make it clear — again. Overweight owner means often also overweight pet.

The same factors that drive the weight gain for the owner impact the pet.

See the videos below (all in English) about pet obesity:






Our new program

Getting both in shape — together!

Often for our clients at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania their pets are a very important part of life. If the pet is a dog we always advise to walk the dog allot and use the dog as a reason to get yourself more active and healthy. And it is working! People who walk more are healthier and once the dogs got used to more walking the ask the owner for more physical activity.

From there it was not far to go the next step. Actively also including the dog or other pets into the entire process to get into shape again. Togehter!

Our principles and approach!

Our principles to animal health are the same as for their owners.

  • Eat regularly
  • Increase physical activity
  • Eat as much self prepared food as possible, stop eating highly processed foods
  • Stop snacking
  • No sugar, no alcohol (yes some pets even get alcohol!)

So very straight forward principles which can be applied to humans and animals.

In our new program we propose to owners of pets to learn in parallel to the standard Easy Step program as special option how to apply it to their animals. Standard questions to which you receive answers are like:

  • How much physical activity needs my pet?
  • How many times a day my pet should eat?
  • How can I make sure that my pet gets the right vitamins?
  • What are the best way to move a dog or cat away from ready made foods to raw meat and other better products?
  • How do I know if my dog or cat are overweight?
  • How do I manage long term the weight of my pet?
  • What is the impact of overweight on health?

Read more about our health animal program click here and read about the options!. Find out here how much it cost here.

32 March 2011

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