Mother and Kid, exhibition and TV channel

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The team of the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania was invited by the TV Channel «Mother and Kid». Ekaterina Belova was asked to provide advise at the Mother and Kid exhibition around the issues of healthy nutrtion for children.

And we were very busy. Lots of visitors to the exhibition asked without interruption about tips for healthy nutrition for themselves and their children.

Useful advise was given, so e.g. to one mother who told her child does not eat any vegetables any more.

Lots of people also asked about how to lose weight right.

As always in our experience, many of the visitors already knew lots about healthy nutrition but were desperate to learn more.

Ekaterina Belova took the time to explain the visitors in detail, to the extend possible at such an event, how to adjust their eating habits and why the system of Palitra Pitania which is based on scientific results is the right one.

Some parents were surprised to hear how their eating habits have a lifelong impact on their children.

It was a fun event, great to give so much advise to so many different people.

We are looking forward to see many of the visitors in our Center soon.

And our young heroes!

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