News 069: Getting in shape till summer

Spring is a wonderful season! The sun is shining brightly and the weather is getting warmer. It is the time when the earth comes back to life after a long cold winter, and when the first flowers begin to bloom and the green world begins to return after its winter slumber. Fed by the warm air and sunlight, the newborn desire to change something in our life is so strong that it encourages us to overcome the laziness and make the first step toward health and beauty.
Being “worn off” after a cold winter period we often have to wait for a long time before you gain all our strength and energy back. The things go even worse when in addition to our weak state you are also overweight. Different vitamins and food additives are not of much help when the only possible solution to the problem is just to get in shape.

Thus this spring activity reached Palitra Pitania, Personal Dietology Center as well. It keeps our specialists more busy than before. Apart from many new clients, we are also frequently visited by those who had already achieved a good result in their weight management and decided to improve it till the beginning of summer. The approaching summer holidays, accompanied by the prospect of going to the beach where almost nothing can be concealed from the public eye are often the main reason for the annual pre-summer race to lose weight while you still have time for it. The happy picture of yourself wearing a sexy bathing suit or a cocktail dress you cannot fit into right now has always been the best motivation for the most desperate measures that many women can take to make this dream come true. Unfortunately, desperate measures don’t often mean a success, especially when your health is at stake. If you think about your weight problems beforehand, you will surely reach the desirable effect without unnecessary complications.

It goes without saying that to be in good shape you can only through a healthy lifestyle, including healthy nutrition. Being a doctor, I know exactly how the human body operates and definitely approve of your determination to get and keep the normal weight. The only condition is the method you are going to use. It must be safe and definitely harmless. My advice to you is not to play with different diets and swallow some magic pills. After this winter ordeal your health may not endure such a “feat”. The best way is to consult a specialist, a qualified dietitian.

Come to Palitra Pitania, our specialists are ready to help you. We will make a diet, which include all the necessary components vital for your health. We will explain you how what and when you should eat and will control the whole process of you getting in shape, so that there will be no need to risk your health and well-being.

When you do not torture yourself with constant starvation and work with a person who knows what your body needs to be healthy and beautiful, you will get in shape more easily and keep the good results for a very long time.
Start working with your weight now! Use this cheerful and sunny spring mood for your own benefit! Be healthy!

Sincerely yours,
Palitra Pitania, Personal Dietology Center

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