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Our Competitors

The Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania has a number of competitors in Moscow. They are amongst others Clinic Doctor Ionova, the network of Doctor Bormental, Clinic Doctor Gawrilova, Dr. Volkov and his team, Margarita Koroleva and her activities, Dr. Kovalkov and his team, Marina Trifonova, Ekaterina Mirimanova, Factor Vesa as an offspring of Clinic Doctor Ionova and a number of others.

And there are many individual consultants that do not have their own offices, codified methodology and are working from home or at client locations. And yes, lets not forget the internet and books.

For us it is good to have competitors such as Dr. Volkov, Clinic Doctor Ionova, the network of Doctor Bormental, Center Doctor Gawrilova, Margarita Koroleva and her VIP activities, Factor Vesa, Elena Malisheva, Marinna Trifonova and a number of others because they show that many people are interested in managing their weight and nutrition habits with professional support.

All of these competitors such as Doctor Bormental, Center Doctor Gawrilova, Doctor Kovalkov, Dr. Volkov, Margarita Koroleva, Clinik Doctor Ionova, Slim Clinic, Factor Vesa, Marina Trifonova, Elana Malisheva are already many years active. Lidia Ionova with her clinic nearly 10 years and Doctor Bormental already nearly 20 years in the CIS.

Naturally we have many clients who went to another weight management center like Slim Clinic, Factor Vesa, Margarita Koroleva and came to us for additional advice. As such we understand how they work and what their methods are.

Some of the methods we liked and we integrated them into our unique program. Some of the methods have in our point of view no scientific background and while they might result in short term weight loss they most likely have no long term positive results.

So when you pick between our center and our competitors such as Factor Vesa, Doctor Bormental, Slim Clinic, Margarita Koroleva , Clinic Doctor Gawrilova, Dr. Volkov, Slim Clinic, Doctor Kovalkov, you might have a real hard time to really understand how all the different centers work and what results you can expect.

So when selection a Center ask yourself these questions:


  • Is their program also focused on a healthy balanced nutrition or only weight management?
  • Are they working with psychological tools to make you feel guilty about eating and food?
  • Do they focus on teaching you how to eat right for life or just try to achieve fast weight loss results?
  • Are you being asked to radically change your eating habits over night, radically reduce your calorie intake?
  • Is the method they apply based on human science and backed up by scientific research?
  • Is their method personalized for your needs?
  • Is there a real standardized documented method in place, with training materials for doctors, client documents etc.?


From the feedback from our clients and what we understand from looking at the websites of our competitors and talking to them at congresses our competitors such as Dr. Volkov, Doctor Kovalkov, Margarita Koroleva, Lidia Ionova and her  Clinic Doctor Ionova, Doctor Bormental, Clinic Doctor Gawrilova, Factor Vesa might give you answers on above questions which are different from answers we at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania give you.

Ask us. Find out about our answers. Come to us for a free information meeting with one of our weight management specialist.

Invitation for free information meeting

Invitation for a free information meeting at the Personal Dietology Center Palitra PitaniaAt the free information meeting you will:

  • meet for one hour with a nutrition specialist
  • your weight and body composition will be measured on a profession scale
  • you will receive detailed information about our unique weight loss program
  • you can ask as many questions as you like
  • you receive lots of initial information how to achieve your weight goals.
  • All this is free. Just take the easy step and contact us at:

    + 7 499 238 10 62


    Do the right first Easy Step, call today. We also serve our clients on weekends and public holidays.

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