News 065: Institute Business and Politics

Lecture at Institute of Business and Politics

Institute Business and Politics Paltira Pitania 1Ekaterina Belova held at the Institute of Business and Politics a lecture on the operations and processes at private health center.

The presentation was based on the over 10 years experience of Ekaterina Belova working in the medial field in Russia, her experience in state run health facilities and private practices.

The lecture spanned a wide range of topics which are vital to have a client oriented private health center.

A number of specialist and doctors having high responsibility positions at different private clinics in Moscow were present, exchanged their experience and view.

The event was a very interesting experience as the lecture was outside the normal program of the Personoal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania and did for once not focus on health and nutrition but how to develop a client oriented health center.

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