Dina Christen, English speaking dietitian in Moscow

Dina Christen only English speaking and US trained and experienced dietitian, nutritionist and chef cook in Moscow

We are happy to have Dina Christen work at our Center and to be able to offer all our classes in English. And all our training material about health nutrition, weight management is also available in English.

Dina Christen

Dina Christen

Dina is working as dietitian, nutritionist and also provides us with advise on healthy cooking.

Bauman College, California

Dina is a graduate of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Bauman College, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Dina received the degrees of «Nutrition consultant» and «Nutrition educator» and additionally is also a trained chef-cook.

Dina is interested in health and wellness through diet and lifestyle due to her own experience since 2003.

Her full English language CV is here.

Growing up in Russia, moving to the United States

Dina grew up in Siberia where people didn’t know the conveniences of fast food but cooked at home for their families using only seasonal and locally grown foods. In 1999 she moved to the United States where she was introduced to a standard American diet. As a common immigrant new to the Western eating patterns she had some challenges in losing weight that she gained due to the new and different diet.

After many months of trying to lose unwanted and unhealthy pounds by following the latest fad diets without any success she returned to her previous eating habits of cooking at home with whole, seasonal and traditional to her taste foods.

Work experience in the United States

In 2007 Dina was working at «Jenny Craig» weight management center in San Francisco for a short time only to understand how important it was not only to lose extra pounds but find the healthy weight and maintain it for life. «Jenny Craig» is one of the largest global chains for nutrition advice and belongs to the Nestle group.

That’s when Dina got passionate about holistic nutrition, the natural wholesome ways to lose weight, to stay fit and healthy by eating nourishing, nutrient dense foods.

Dina additionally taught clients how to change to a healthy diet. The work included lessons about metabolism, how obesity can turn into diabetes type 2 and nutrients are important for health.

Dina always focused in the work on the individual needs and the individual way to a healthy diet.

Based on her deep education and work experience she can address all issues around overweight, obesity, healthy nutrition, diabetes and diabetes type 2 as well as fertility nutrition.

Specialization on fertility nutrition

Dina though her education and own experience became aware how much fertility is linked to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Though research Dina became aware of the high relevance of preconception nutrition to increase fertility.

Dina taught many happy couples about successful conception and healthy nutrition. Dina loves to share to share her knowledge with other couples who are planning for a successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

Dina teaches women/couples with impaired fertility about the nutrient deficiencies that are common in women who get pregnant without planning it and without paying much attention to their eating habits. Her clients learn which foods and/or supplements can make up for those deficiencies, and understand the most wholesome sources of the above foods/supplements. They learn what foods to eat and what to avoid, how to boost the possibility for conception via nutrition and understand the relationship between mother’s malnutrition prior conception and her future baby’s health. She teaches women/couples “the baby-wise diet” – how to eat and improve the chances of getting pregnant.

As a natural chef she is planning to write a cook book with fertility-boosting recipes and share her knowledge with couples who are planning for a successful conception and healthy pregnancy. She also works as a personal chef for women and couples with impaired fertility.

If you would like to request a presentation, lecture or seminar for your special interest group or arrange a personal consultation session to address your unique nutritional needs, please contact our center Palitra Pitania.

For our clients are the Personal Dietology Center Palitra Pitania it is a unique chance to take lessons about diet and nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in English.

We are pround to say that we are the only Dietology Center in Moscow, Russia, offering all our programs in English by a US educated and experienced English speaking dietitian/nutritionist.

A first meeting is always free.

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