News 047: How to lose weight after the New Year Holidays

How to lose weight after the New Year?

Well, ladies and gentlemen! The New Year vacation came to an end, and most of us gathered some weight.

Already have checked the scale? And what is the result of this 10 day food and drinking orgy?

Here some simple guidelines how to get rid of the consequences of the New Year drinking and feeding bing:

1. Whatever you think about your «New» weight — keep calm! The first step to lose weight is to recognize that weight gain is natural and human — forgive yourself for what has happened. Erare humanum est — To err is human.

2. The next step — define your target. What result do you want to achieve (specifically, in kilograms, or centimeters around your waist).

3. The third step — define a timeline! How long do you plan to lose weight? But always remember that gaining weight is much easier and faster than lowering it. And if you like to lose your weight in a healthy manner try not to exceed a weight loss of 500 — 800 grams per week.

4. Work on the timing. Between mealtimes should be a break of 3 to 5 hours, and no little snacks in between.

5. Add to your diet more vegetables and fruits. They contain plenty of fiber, which will help to clean you up internally, and naturally. You should eat more than 500 grams of fruits and vegetables per day. Also consider frozen vegetables and frozen berries — their nutritional value is as good as fresh ones.

6. Manage your drinking regime. Your poor body is most likely completely dried out from the holidays. Alcohol, soda, juice — all of these drinks suck water out of you body, and yes even burden the liver and pancreas. A this mix of fat and sweets clog up your cells. So it’s time to start to drink more — and this is PLAIN WATER you should drink. Every person should per day should drink 30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight.

7. Move from high fat foods to low fat foods. Instead of pork — beef, instead of sturgeon — cod or sea bass and instead of fried products — baked products. And also strip the oil and mayonnaise out of any salads use low fat sour cream.

8. Include dairy products in your daily diet. They contain calcium, and calcium helps you fight fatty tissue. And better low fat dairy products!

9. Love and take care of your body. It has been damaged by the holiday eating and drinking, and expects your love and care. Take a bath with foam, use a scrub and enjoy a massage.

10. Prepare tasty food, but with low calorie count.

If all of this sounds difficult and you like a helping hand come to our center and take the course «How to get back into shape after the New Year» and here is the link .

We wish you lots of success in this 2011!

Sincerely, Ekaterina Belova

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